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Who We Are


Underground Boring Systems, Inc has been in business since 1992. Since then, UNDERGROUND BORING SYSTEMS, Inc has been providing horizontal directional boring services to the General Contractors, Farmers, Builders, Home Owners and Utilities Companies for both residential and commercial projects. By delivering excellent services, we have earned a reputation of one of the most reliable horizontal directional drilling Contractor. The client satisfaction is our top priority. We value the relationship and our objective is to enhance client relationships by providing ourselves every day and striving to exceed our customer’s expectations.

We have an excellent record in working with contractors, inspectors, Utility locators, and all job superintendents. Underground Boring Systems, Inc has completed many large long-haul projects, City and Governmental projects, and assorted large and small utility, waterline, electrical line, gas line, critical sewer on grade, fiber optic, cable and telecommunication work. We look forward to working with you on your next trenchless project.


Mission Statement

At Underground Boring Systems, Inc we are committed to serving our customers and communities, with the highest quality of service and professionalism. We compete vigorously through a high-level of workmanship with integrity, honesty, and high-quality standards. The safety and environmental awareness are our top priorities. We work very hard to make sure these issues are covered on a daily basis. To grow by continually providing safe and job-based solutions to customers we already serve. We will exceed our customers’ expectation of quality and reliability by providing safe, efficient and reliable services.

Vision Statement

  • To be recognized as the industry leader in quality directional drilling service provider.
  • We are committed to be the preferred contractor of choice, pursuing excellence through high level of workmanship with dedication, integrity, honesty and safe construction standards, pursing excellence through dedication, with an ongoing passion to deliver safety and environmentally.


  • Provide a safe and environmentally friendly work environment.
  • The Customer’s satisfaction and timely delivery of project is our success.
  • The competent, reliable, quality service.