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  • Safety is our top priority at UBS, Inc. We have safety & drug free workplace program in place to make sure our working culture, on the job site and throughout our operations is safe at all the times. This gives all of our client and employees peace of mind that their construction project will not face any needless delays or issues.
  • UBS, Inc is a family owned business, so we strive to treat everyone on and around our construction sites like family when it comes to ensuring their safety. We have developed & implemented safety procedures, practices, and programs.
  • UBS, Inc has recordable lowest incident rates. We have an impressive safety record. The safety is our personal commitment to caring everyone at or around the site and deliver project without zero incidents.
  • The continued implementation of company’s Injury illness Preventive Program (IIPP) helped UBS, Inc to zero incident and keep the accident rates very low.
  • We believe that safety is not something we do in addition to work; it’s how do work. In addition to the daily onsite and weekly safety meetings we also evaluate the safety of project individually.
  • The heathy and safe work environment for all employees is our top priority while providing construction services to our client.